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CD, Blu Ray, & DVD Media Packaging

Marden Edwards has always been associated with digital media wrapping, from magnetic media such as the audio cassette through boxes of floppy discs to video cassette tapes. In more recent times the media market has focused almost exclusively on CDs, DVDs, Blu Ray discs, game cartridges and DV tape.

The modern production demand is for an overwrapper which can switch rapidly from one size to another, be it a requirement for DVD packaging or CD cases of all types and varieties. Marden Edwards’s overwrapping machines can wrap all these, and more, at speeds of over 120 individual packs per minute.

Robust Construction of Digital Media Packs

Marden Edwards also supplies machines for wrapping, Blu Ray disc packaging and the many different types of multi pack collations, be it a stack of 20 CD jewel cases containing re-writable media or a retail multipack of digital video cassettes.

Robust construction and straightforward size change ensure Marden Edwards machines are reliable, easy to operate and can handle a wide variety of sizes for all Blu Ray disc, and DVD packaging needs.

Optical media packaging and overwrapping

Overwrapped Optical media