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Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Packaging

The high quality packaging of Medicines, pharmaceuticals and medical products is essential to ensure the confidence of both the retailer and the consumer. Overwrapping and Stretchbanding are well suited to the demands of the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries since the resultant package is fully enclosed to witness tamper evidence yet the wrapping process does not use heat aggressively to seal the film.

A typical use of Marden Edwards machinery is for the Overwrapping of collations of cartons of blister packs at line speeds of up to 600 cartons per minute. The Overwrapping machine can either be in line with the production process or accept product from the side. High speed waterwheel re-orientation systems and pneumatic, mechanical or servo collators provide the machinery with the versatility to adapt to a very wide variety of sizes and pack collation formats. The advent of shelf ready packaging for blister products sold in the supermarket has led to extra versatility being built into machinery with the addition of integrated tray dispensing and loading equipment..

Pack Protection

High speed individual pack wrapping for products such as Condoms, Contact Lens kits, Pregnancy Testing kits and Sutures are all traditional Overwrapping applications. The use of the easy open tear strip facility with all of these products greatly enhances their appeal by giving the consumer the certainty of pack protection together with a swift method of opening. Individual wrapping speeds of 300 cartons per minute are possible whilst still enabling the machine to rapidly change from one size to another.

Healthcare packaging and overwrapping

Selection of overwrapped pharmaceutical and healthcare products