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Paper & Board Packaging

The packaging and overwrapping of reams of paper, soft paper products including tissues and serviettes, through thicker gauges of paper as used for envelopes, paper reams and memo note pads all the way to the wrapping of loose playing cards and card skillets.

The successful automation of the product feeding is an essential part of any board and paper overwrapping application. All Marden Edwards systems can be automated so that product is automatically taken form the preceding machine and loaded directly into the overwrapper without the need for manual intervention.

Versatile film machinery for paper and card based products

Marden Edward's versatile machine range means that reams of paper up to A3 in size can be wrapped either in film, heat sealable paper or plain paper with glue applied during wrapping. A wide range of sizes can be handled by the same machine ensuring that market changes can be quickly responded to.

Memo pad wrapping

Both individual memo pads as well as collations is also an important area for Marden Edwards. The market for memo pads has diversified greatly over recent years spawning a large variety of pack sizes and collation formats, not to mention sequences of colours. Individual pad wrapping at up to 220 memo pads per minute is matched by a wide variety of collating options to produce a high quality wrap for twin packs up to 24 packs, again often on the same machine.

Playing Cards packaging film

In the playing card and games industry Marden Edwards works closely with the suppliers of the card cutting and collating machinery. Speeds of up to 140 packs per minute are possible but more typical is a running speed of 60 per minute for wrapping a deck of 52 cards. The use of tear tape helps ensure that when the cards are unwrapped not only are they in pristine condition but are immediately accessible.

Paper and board overwrapping

Overwrapped paper products