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Software Packaging

Marden Edwards has long been supplying machinery for software packaging. Over time the formats by which software has been retailed and sold have changed but the film wrapping of the retail unit has remained constant. Whether the media is contained on a blu ray disk, a CD or DVD within a carton or simply within a CD or DVD jewel case, Marden Edwards provides the necessary machinery for shrink wrapping or overwrapping or at all rates of production.

Individual CD, DVD and game discs contained within plastic cases can be either overwrapped or shrinkwrapped at speeds up to 120 per minute. Gentle handling of both the product and the film is extremely important to ensure a high quality presentation.

Even with high wrapping speeds the machines are sufficiently versatile enable the changeover to other sizes of software DVD or CD in a short space of time without compromising line speed.

Software Boxes

Software packaging does not only mean the packaging of CD and DVD cases. For higher value software it is common for the CD or DVD to be incorporated within a carton, typically up to a sheet of A4 paper in plan size. These larger packs can again either be overwrapped or shrink wrapped at speeds up to 60 packs per minute. Overwrapping provides the benefit of tear tape opening, low energy cost and low material cost whilst shrink wrapping offers the benefit of a reduced changeover time.

For many contract packing companies the best software packaging tools are machines which can handle a large range of products and sizes, incorporating the large A4 cartons all the way to the 5.5 mm high DVD case. Marden Edwards is able to offer this size range versatility on one machine ensuring that whatever the format the industry demands, the wrapping machine is able to meet the challenge.

Software packaging overwrapping

Overwrapped Software packaging