ME TMX Series for Coty Cosmetics

In partnership with our French trade partner ‘Involtec’, Marden Edwards recently hosted and trained our valued customer, ‘Coty’ cosmetics.  Representatives from our three companies convened at Marden Edwards HQ on two separate occasions this year for in-depth training sessions that resulted in one very happy customer! 

With each visit, the two separate Coty teams left Marden Edwards feeling extremely happy with the level of service and expertise that were provided by our team, as well as being impressed with the performance of the ME TMX Series machine.  Wrapping cosmetic cartons with a trailing edge seal, the TMX series wraps at speeds up to 50 cartons per minute. 

Pictured L to R are:
Franck Mauger (Coty), Jose Visine (Coty), Victor Cornhill (ME), Jean Paul Olivia (Coty), Jean-Marc Ceaux (Involtec), Merve Oudin (Coty), Jean Francois Ceaux (Involtec)







Pictured L to R are:
Jean Francois Ceaux (Involtec), Samuel Peleau (Coty), Nathalie Dicara (Coty), Baptiste Claeys (Coty), and Victor Cornhill (ME)

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive customer service globally, and working with our global trade partners we ensure we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Coty and look forward to more of the same in the future.

You can find out more about our TMX series here on the website.

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