JPS Quickies XL hoch
Marden Edwards has just completed the installation of a number of overwrapping systems being used to wrap an innovative product from Imperial Tobacco, West Quickies

A large international condom manufacturer has recently taken delivery of a new WR200s fully automatic high speed over wrapper for its factory in Thailand.

Chocolate gold block

 In the search for market differentiation in the tobacco, cosmetic and food industries more and more brand owners are turning to non rectangular cartons for their products.

TM100RH Overwrapper

Marden Edwards has just delivered another of i'ts new range of trailing edge overwrappers to a French customer wrapping perfume cartons.

S3B100FF Overwrapper

Red Diamond Inc., from Birmingham, Alabama, USA has just placed an order for their second Marden Edwards S4B100FF fully automatic overwrapping machine.

Rayner lenses

Intraocular lenses used in eye surgery are the latest in a line of surgical items now benefiting from the protection and convenience afforded by overwrapping

Group pack shot overwrapped products

The short answer is an un-reserved "Yes"! However, it is worth examining what constitutes an environmentally friendly wrapping film.

Wedgewood nougat bars ovwerapped

Confectionery Overwrapping & Packaging Machinery

Wedgewood Handmade Confectionery of South Africa has recently installed a new Marden Edwards S4B100FF automatic overwrapping machine.

Clairol Hair Dye Packaging

The growth of the market for home use hair dye has over the last twenty years has seen a dramatic explosion in the range of products provided as well as the colours available.

evo fold overwrapping machine

Marden Edwards will be exhibiting its latest low cost overwrapper, the Evo-Fold, at the forthcoming in World Cup Tea and Coffee exhibition in Geneva.