ZNP ovewrapped soap bars

Marden Edwards has recently delivered a B125LH8 collator overwrapper to the Mexican production facility of a major skin care pharmaceutical manufacturer.

ovewrapped English biscuits

A major manufacturer of biscuits in Pakistan has recently taken delivery of three new Marden Edwards overwrapping machines.

Russian and CIS tea cartons selections overwrapped

Marden Edwards, the world's leading manufacturer of overwrapping machines, has been selling machines for overwrapping tea bags and loose tea for over forty years. Few machines for wrapping tea were sold in the Soviet Union.

Zeigler Herzinger machinery

Marden Edwards has recently despatched another playing card overwrap machine to German original equipment manufacturer Ziegler & Herzinger.

dane electric stacker

Marden Edwards has recently supplied one of its B100LH8 collating and overwrapping machines to a multi media supply company in California, USA. 

Advent Calendars Overwrapped

Marden Edwards has recently supplied one of its LX150FF confectionery over wrapping machines to a German company that manufacturers Advent Calendars.

japanese pharmaceutical packaging

 Marden Edwards is currently witnessing an increased demand for its collating and overwrapping packaging equipment.

open top tray of bubble gum

Marden Edwards has recently supplied a B100FF fully automatic overwrapping machine to a major confectionery company in Nigeria.

fifth panel collator

A major American pharmaceutical company has installed a number of Marden Edwards overwrapping solutions equipped with specially designed turning units.

Marden Edwards have designed, manufactured and installed an automatic in line pack buffer storage system, to ensure that high line efficiencies are maintained if a downstream machine stops production.