Track and Trace Systems

Marden Edwards has over ten years’ experience providing the Track and Trace automation systems required to code, aggregate and label cigarette packaging and other tobacco products at exceptionally high production speeds and data efficiencies.  Supplying Pack to Outer aggregation for Clear Wrap and Non-Clear Wrap cartoned bundles, and Outer to Master Case aggregation and labeling, Marden Edwards’ Tobacco Tracking and Tracing systems are ready to meet the demands of EUTPD and the WHO FCTC.

What is Track and Trace labeling used for in the tobacco industry?

Track and Trace labeling is used in the tobacco industry for enabling consumers to know that the product they have purchased is genuine and for governments to tackle many types of fraudulent activities that result from illicit trade, including anti-counterfeit activities.

Track and trace machinery for tobacco products
Track and trace graphic

Industry understanding and expertise

Working with either the Codentify / Inextor system for code and data delivery or with an in-house ERP system, Marden Edwards’ coding, labeling and aggregation solutions are robustly built for high speed, high reliability and high efficiency running.  Having equipped over 200 production lines, Marden Edwards are well versed with the demands of integrating systems into a wide variety of tobacco packaging machinery.

Working with trusted industry partners Marden Edwards can offer a turnkey solution from data input through to warehouse dispatch.

  • Passionate about high-efficiency code reading and aggregation
  • Better than 99.995% Pack to Outer aggregation efficiency achievable, meaning less rework
  • Coding, Aggregation and Labeling systems built into and around existing production machinery
  •  Machinery and processes well placed to meet the demands of EU TPD
  • All systems designed to reduce amount of Operator intervention and product handling
  • Highly skilled support team to assist with any track and Trace queries
  • Comprehensive training and on-site support facility

Marden Edwards manufactures a range of automation systems for use within the production area to apply and read labels and codes to provide and gather the data necessary for product coding and aggregation.