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تغليف 100 سيجارة بصيغة تجميع (5x1x1) أي (20 x 5 سيجارة = 100)

Video demonstrating Individual HLP automatically fed at 250 per minute LX125SF8 & PSB1000SF8 multi-pack bundle ovewrapper machine.

Packs orientated via water wheel facility to orientate HLP onto narrow edge.Sideband infeed conveyor conveys HLP on edge and into side feed overwrapping machine.Machine transfers 5 packs wide onto elevator and through overwrap film.Packs orientated onto narrow edge via out-feed turn shoot onto flex link conveyor, transporting overwrapped packs to the stretchbander side feed infeed.Internal stacker collates 5 wide and lifts 2 high then transfers 3 rows through the vertical polyethylene film web ends of film shrunk via end shrink unit, and pressure rollers finish bundle