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Shrink Wrapping Machinery to Wrap the World's Products

Marden Edwards designs, manufactures and assembles shrink wrapping machines under the established brand name of Marden Edwards Shrinkwrap. The systems complement the range of Marden Edwards machinery by enabling entry level, manual machines as well as high speed, sophisticated equipment to be supplied.

The shrink wrapping machinery that is offered is split into two categories - manual and automatic L sealers which wrap with polyolefin for product display purposes as well as manual and automatic sleeve wrappers which are suitable for distribution pack purposes.

Semi Automatic Shrinkwrapper

Fully Automatic L Sealers

The L sealers offered range from the manual, chamber type, via semi automatic bench top systems through to fully automatic side seal L sealers capable of speeds over 120 packs per minute. Polyolefin film is used in combination with a heat shrink tunnel to provide a tight wrap around the product. Typical products can range from food products, toiletries and pharmaceuticals through to printed material.

The twin reel sleeve wrap machines are also available in manual and fully automatic configurations. The sleeve wrap is placed loosely around the product being wrapped which is then shrunk in a heat tunnel. Speeds up to 30 collations per minute are possible. The film used is Polythene and the resultant wrap leaves the ends of the pack exposed. Marden Edwards Shrinkwrap is able to sleeve wrap individual products, such as a tray of cans or bottles as well as collate and wrap cartonned products.

Marden Edwards Shrinkwrap has the same extensive engineering support as Marden Edwards and hence solutions can be tailor-made. Marden Edwards Shrinkwrap also supplies wrapping film thereby ensuring that film and machine are well matched.

More information can be found at the Marden Edwards Shrinkwrap website

L Sealer with Integrated Heat Tunnel

L Sealer with Integrated Heat Tunnel