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Tea & Coffee Packaging Machinery

The overwrapping of tea cartons adds extensive value to the tea contained inside. Whether the tea carton contains tea bags, loose tea, herbal tea or bag in box Overwrapping the outer carton confirms to the consumer that the product inside has not been touched since it left the factory.

For example, overwrapping protects the protruding cardboard lip of caddy style cartons which can easily be damaged in transit. For bag in box applications it proves beyond doubt that the contents have not been substituted for an inferior quality and for tagged tea boxes it controls the spread of the aroma, extremely important when different herbal teas sit side by side on the super market shelf.

Full Production Line for tea bag overwrapping

Marden Edwards systems provide solutions in all production environments, ranging from tea bag packaging, overwrapping the output of a single tea bagging machine packing into 20s up to a full production line system accepting the input from multiple machines. High Overwrapping speeds are available whilst maintaining the versatility of still being able to run many different size formats on one machine.

Multi coffee brick overwrapping is another Marden Edwards speciality. With an input line speed of 160 bricks per minute Marden Edwards machines can produce both double and quad packs on the same machine with the minimum of changeover time. The machine uses industry standard printed film and accepts long running jumbo film reels which enable a complete shift to run without stopping for a film change.

Tea packaging

Retail pack of overwrapped tea