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Food Packaging and Overwrapping Machinery

The purpose of overwrapping within the food packaging machinery sector is to improve shelf life and to deliver multipacking convenience. The ability of Overwrap to use both tear tape and printed film enables the production of retail multipacks which are easy to open as well as being ideal for conveying extra marketing messages. Food Overwrap can also lead to a reduction in packaging material used by replacing expensive card with low cost film. The extra benefit of this style of food packaging is that the product is clearly visible to the consumer, enhancing its shelf appeal.

The multipacking of dry powder pouches or sachets makes extensive use of overwrapping. Pouches are produced at speeds of up to 1500 per minute. Marden Edwards food packaging machinery can then collate these products into groups from three to twenty and produce a cost effective, attractive retail pack which is less expensive than using a carton.

Innovative Multipack Systems

The collation and overwrapping of cereal multipacks is an example of the production of a retail multipack. Using Marden Edwards' bespoke engineering capabilities has produced innovative pack feeding systems ensuring that different varieties of cereal are automatically selected and collated in the correct order without manual intervention.

The overwrapping and packaging of cake products, both within a carton or loose on a tray, produces a product with enhanced shelf appeal which gives the product a "hand finished" appearance. The use of open top trays can enable the product inside to be easily seen as well as helping to reduce packaging costs.

Food packaging

Packaging and overwrapping of food products