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Machinery for Packaging of Tobacco Products

Marden Edwards continue to be one of the leading manufacturers of packaging machinery for the tobacco industry worldwide.  In providing this highly competitive market with cost-effective, versatile product packaging equipment & overwrapping machinery, tobacco manufacturers are able to improve output, save on running costs, and ultimately increase revenue.

In a market place where product differentiation, versatility and increased market share are key factors, Overwrapping tobacco cartons of products such as cigar packs, and cigarettes, tins of tobacco products, plastic clamshells, and pouches of rolling tobacco has become a necessity if one wishes to rival competitors and continue to grow.

Known for the Overwrapping of 200s display cartons, Marden Edwards’ tobacco packaging machines exceed outputs of 100 Overwraps per minute, enabling all required production line speeds to be achieved.   

Cost Saving with Marden Edwards Tobacco Overwrapper

By replacing box packaging machines with high-speed Overwrapping machinery, manufacturers enjoy cost-savings by replacing the outer carton required by a boxer with high quality printed films that produce an appealing protective outer Overwrap.  Further replacement of expensive board outer cases for larger distribution packs of 5000 and 10000 cigarettes can be achieved by utilising Marden Edwards Stretchbanding equipment.  Low-cost polyethylene film produces a tight bundle Overwrap which is then heat sealed, and ready for transportation.

Since Tobacco production lines require versatility, Marden Edwards developed equipment for cigarette packaging that is able to bundle into 40s, 60s, 80s, 100s and 200s using the same machinery at full line speeds.  A high quality presentation is achieved by utilising printed film, whilst offering more flexibility for production planning and marketing demands. 

Overwrapping is possible utilising either film, or paper and on some machines we are able to provide both wrapping options.

For high quality presentation packaging, Marden Edwards created the Shrink Tightener machine.  Producing a skin tight wrap of any product, a superior quality presentation finish is achieved at low temperatures.  The Shrink Tightener is available as a free standing model, or it may be integrated into a Marden Edwards Overwrapper system.

Tobacco overwrap films

Tobacco overwrap using clear film