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Packaging Machinery for Cosmetics & Perfume Products

Marden Edwards is the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of machinery for the packaging and overwrapping of perfume boxes and cosmetics.

We understand the requirement for the extremely high presentation quality demanded by the perfume and cosmetic manufacturing industries. The quality of the overwrap indicates to the consumer the quality of the product inside. Therefore not only must the overwrap perform the traditional task of protecting the product and indicating whether tampering has taken place, it must also look beautiful.

To achieve a perfect "wrapped by hand" appearance the overwrapper accurately positions the film and applies heat only at discreet points to produce a very tight, accurate wrap with no scratches or imperfections.  Marden Edwards’ versatility with cosmetics packaging allows the longitudinal seal to be positioned either on the Trailing Edge or on the Base of the carton, depending on the carton design and marketing needs.  This is just one of the many reasons why Marden Edwards has become a leading supplier of Cosmetics and Perfume packaging machines around the globe.

Wrapping Machines for Perfumes and Cosmetics

It is not only essential that the perfume wrap look perfect but also that the perfume machine overwrapping process is fast and efficient.  This means utilising high-speed packaging machinery and wrapping equipment that is versatile and can work with multi-sized formats without losing production efficiency.

A variety of carton sizes can be handled with ease thanks to a fast and simple size changeover facility. On some cosmetics packaging machine models a complete three dimensional size change time of less than 5 minutes is achievable.

For the cosmetics industry, a high speed output is often as important as presentation. The ability to handle a wide number of formats for perfume overwrapping and cosmetics packaging at a high input speed is a feature of Marden Edwards wrapping machinery, with speeds of up to 300 Overwraps per minute being attainable.

For more information on how Marden Edwards Ltd can help you with your overwrapping needs, please contact us on 01202 861 200 or via our contact form.

Cosmetics overwrapping

High quality cosmetics overwrapping