Marden Edwards Overwrapping machinery range

Overwrapping Machinery

Automated Carton Wrapping Machines

Marden Edwards design and manufacture carton overwrapping machines ranging from low cost entry level machinery to high speed integrated systems. 

TMX Series Overwrapping machine
Evo Series Overwrapping machine
Semi Auto Series Overwrapper

Bespoke Carton Wrapping Machines Solutions

Marden Edwards can design and manufacture bespoke wrapping machinery solutions to suit your needs.  Whether your product is wrapped for presentation, multi packing or distribution purposes, Marden Edwards can provide a system tailored to meet your needs.

Alternative Eco-friendly Wrapping Material Options

Marden Edwards overwrapping machines have the capacity to wrap cartons using alternative eco-friendly materials. See below wrapping material options.

Recyclable BOPP Film

Biodegradable BOPLA Film

Biodegradable Paper

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