Film Wrapping Systems

Marden Edwards is a leader in the global packaging industry, having manufactured and supplied over 10,000 overwrapping systems to more than 150 countries worldwide. We specialise in Point of Sale and Distribution packaging solutions, offering an extensive range of cutting-edge overwrapping machinery. Our team of experts has the skills and experience required to develop and deliver customised packaging machinery to meet your specific needs. Get in touch today to learn how Marden Edwards can improve your production line. 

TMX Series Overwrapping machine
overwrapping pack diagram

Overwrapping Machinery

A pack wrapping machine solution which automates the hand wrapping process whilst producing geometrically exact envelope style end folds.

L-Sealer with Heat Tunnel
shrinkwrapping pack diagram

Shrinkwrapping Machinery

We supply a complete range of shrink wrapping machines including chamber machines, l-sealers, sleeve wrappers and sealers, heat shrink tunnels, and shrink wrapping materials.

ABS Series Banding Machines
abs series banded single collation

Banding Machinery

The ABS series banding machine range incorporates diverse product handling and utilises a banding head that can operate with either BOPP or paper material.  

Marden Edwards Approved Used Machines
overwrapping pack diagram

Approved Used Machinery

Factory reconditioned at our UK facility, our refurbished wrapping machines come with comprehensive service support and warranty.

Custom Packaging Machine USB
custom packaging machinery pack diagram

Custom Packaging Machinery

Marden Edwards can custom design a packaging machine to your precise application requirements.

System Motion Conveyor
product handling system diagram

Product Handling Systems

Marden Edwards design and build bespoke equipment to accommodate a variety of product needs.