Marden Edwards carries out very little re-building of its own machines for the tobacco, or indeed any other, industry. Marden Edwards packaging machines represent good value for money and in fact the price of a re-conditioned overwrapping machine, otherwise known as a cellophane wrapping machine, can often be close to that of a new machine.

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When it comes to wrapping products in film simply to provide protection or to secure a collation of items, a number of options are available, but for retail applications where shelf appeal is paramount the preferred choice for wrapping cartons and other uniform objects is an end fold overwrap.

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As the challenges of the global economy increase, the pressure to save money at all stages of the production and packaging process increases. Higher energy costs have driven up the costs of packaging materials, the electricity required to run packaging machinery and the expense of air conditioning and refrigeration systems to keep the temperature for both staff and products at safe levels.

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The role of packaging and the environment has been a hot topic for over twenty years. Over that time the emphasis has shifted somewhat, from the initial concerns regarding landfill to today's emphasis on reducing co2 emissions. Ultimately, it is about conserving precious resources so that they can be enjoyed by future generations.

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Marden Edwards Ltd remains fully operational during the current COVID-19 global pandemic.

Categorised as a key element of the food, banknote, medicine and pharmaceutical supply chains, Marden Edwards Ltd will be remaining open whilst following all edicts and guidelines issued by the UK Government.