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Tea & Coffee Overwrapping Machinery

The overwrapping of tea cartons adds value to the tea contained inside.  Whether the tea carton contains tea bags, loose tea, herbal tea or infusions, overwrapping the outer carton confirms to the consumer that the product inside has not been tampered with since it left the factory, as well as helping the product to retain freshness, and protection during transit, storage and display.

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Tea & Coffee overwrapping machine capabilities & benefits

Marden Edwards understand the need for continual change and carton differentiation. The Marden Edwards tea overwrapping machine can provide the versatile solution you are looking for, as follows:

  • The flexibility to overwrap many product sizes on any one machine
  • Tight wrap in either polypropylene, cellophane, paper, clear and printed films
  • Carton protection - prevention from carton surface damage
  • Security - peace of mind the product has not been tampered with
  • Seal area flexibility - allows the longitudinal seal to be positioned either on trailing edge or on the base of the carton, depending on carton design and marketing needs
  • Geometrically exact end folds - giving that sleek finished look
  • Easy open tear tape facility

Marden Edwards can assist in improving your production line by incorporating our range of tea packaging machines to provide superior quality overwrapping and packaging solutions for your drinks product cartons. To find out more, contact us on +44(0)1202 861200, or via our contact form.

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