Review the Marden Edwards image gallery of overwrapping solutions, including product types, sealing options, and more. 

Banding Solutions

Paper Banded Cosmetics

Paper banded cosmetics cartons.

Paper cross-banded booklets

Cross-banded A5 booklets in Paper and BOPP Polypropylene.

Confectionery & Sweets

Maltesers Carton Overwrapping

Overwrapped Maltesers cartons with tear tape, and envelope end fold.

Sweet Cartons Overwrap

Sweet cartons overwrapping with tear tape.

Center Fresh Gum

Center Fresh chewing gum carton with envelope end fold.

Tunnocks Product Overwrapping

Overwrapped Tunnocks product carton with base seal.

Turkish Delight Carton Overwrap

Divan Turkish Delight carton wrapping with tear tape.

Delfi Chocolate Carton

Delfi products overwrapped with the addition of tear tape.

Cosmetics & Fragrances

Carolina Herrera Perfume Carton

Overwrapped Carolina Herrera perfume carton with trailing edge seal.

Cosmetics Carton Bar End Seal

L'Oreal cosmetics carton overwrapping with bar end seal.

Fragrance Carton Trailing Edge Seal

Perfect trailing edge seal on overwrapped fragrance box.

Hermes Cartier Cosmetics Cartons

Overwrapped Hermes and Cartier cosmetics cartons.

Burberry Carton Overwrap

Burberry cosmetics carton overwrapped, with trailing edge seal.

Dot End Seal Overwrap

Kai cosmetics cartons overwrapped and secured with dot end seal.

Eco Wrapping

Envelope End Fold Coffee

Envelope end fold paper overwrapped coffee bricks.

Generic Eco Paper Overwrap

Generic eco-friendly paper-wrapped boxes and cartons.

Paper Overwrapped Chocolates

Paper overwrapped chocolates with envelope end seal.

Paper Wrapped Cartons

Selection of paper wrapped cartons with envelope fold seal.

Paper Wrapped Soap Cartons

Paper wrapped soap product with envelope fold seal.

Printed Paper Ovewrap

Printed paper overwrapped gift box.

Food Products

Base Seal Overwrapped Boxes

Base seal overwrapped whiskey boxes

Bopp Film Overwrapped Cake Carton

Bahlsen cake carton overwrapped with BOPP film. 

Maestri Envelope End Seal

Paper wrapped Maestri ice cream carton with envelope end seal.

Chamonix Cake Carton Overwrapping

Chamonix cake carton overwrapped with BOPP film. 

Small Food Carton Overwrapping

Small food carton overwrapping with envelope end seal.

Overwrapping Cake Cartons

Zimmbacker product cartons overwrapped and sealed with envelope end seal.

Paper & Converted Products

Game Cards Overwrap

Game cards overwrapped with the addition of tear tape.

Overwrapped Card Products

Overwrapped stationery and office products with tear tape

Overwrapped Products Tear Tape

Selection of overwrapped paper and card products with tear tape.

Base Seal Post It Pads

Individual Post It note pads overwrapped and secured with base seal. 

Playing Card Overwrapping

Standard pack of playing cards overwrapped with the addition of tear tape.

Miscellaneous Cards Overwrapping

Selection of ovewrapped cards with tear tape for easy opening.

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Pharma Product Overwrap

Pharmaceutical product cartons overwrapped with the addition of tear tape.

Multipack Pharma Cartons

Multipack pharmaceutical cartons with tear tape.

Health Product Overwrapping

Health and personal care product overwrapping solutions

Pharma Carton Envelope End Seal

Pharma carton with envelope end seal.

Pharma Group Overwrap

Selection of overwrapped pharmaceutical products. 

Healthcare Product Carton Overwrapping

Healthcare product carton overwrapped with tear tape.

Tea & Coffee

Yorkshire Tea Overwrapped

Yorkshire Tea cartons overwrapped with the addition of tear tape. 

Single Tea Carton Overwrap

Single tea carton overwrapped with tear tape.

Selection of Overwrapped Tea Products

Selection of overwrapped tea products with and without tear tape feature.

Lipton Tea Carton Overwrap

Lipton tea carton overwrapping with tear tape for easy opening. 

Tetley Tea Carton Overwrap

Tetley tea carton overwrapped and finished with envelope end fold.

Small Tea Carton Overwrapping

Small Lipton tea carton overwrapped with the additional of tear tape.

Tobacco & Cigarettes

Molasses Product Carton Overwrapping

Molasses cartons overwrapped and secured with envelope end seal.

Cigar Carton Overwrap

Individual and collated cigar carton overwrapping with tear tape.

Overwrapped 200s Cigarette Packs

Overwrapped collations of 200's Winston cigarette packs in naked wrap.

Tobacco End Seal Overwrap

Golden Virginia tobacco carton with envelope end seal.

Tobacco Naked Overwrap 200s

Tobacco cartons naked overwrap with tear tape.

Tobacco Pouch Overwrapping

Tobacco pouch overwrapping with tear tape. 

Vapour & E-Cigarettes

Multipack Naked Wrap E-Liquid

Multipack naked wrap e-liquid cartons