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Product Handling Systems

Of almost as much importance as the wrapping is the product handling before the product reaches the wrapping machine and after it leaves it. There is no point in producing a Packaging machine unless it is presented in a way which is suitable for the production line layout as well as the needs of the product format.

Marden Edwards goes out of its way to ensure that the customer is provided with the Packaging system that meets his production needs. Utilising the extensive design and manufacturing facilities at Marden Edwards it is possible to design and build bespoke pieces of equipment to accommodate a variety of product needs. The experience gained by doing this over the last forty years has lead to a portfolio of products which can be used in isolation or in a combination to achieve the desired effect.

Flat bed conveyor designed for the manual and automatic loading of paper reams

Shelf Ready Packaging Expertise

This expertise goes way beyond the simple provision of conveying systems, though this is an important part of the product handling equation. Pack convergence systems, pack diverters, waterwheel re-orientation devices, 90 degree product turners, side band infeed conveyors, square motion paddle infeed conveyors, pack stand up systems and fifth panel collators all form modules which provide a myriad of pack handling combinations.

For shelf ready Packaging Marden Edwards have developed a number of principles which mean that packs can be collated, loaded into either plastic or cardboard trays and then overwrapped. Every Marden Edwards shelf ready system and pack handling system is built to provide maximum versatility by allowing the system to operate without the tray and to solely utilise Overwrapping to protect the product.

It is Marden Edwards intention to be able to take responsibility and to provide full turnkey product handling and wrapping solutions.

Various systems, clockwise from top left – stand alone shrink tightener, 5th panel carton collating system, UBS currency note collator, “square motion” paddle style infeed conveyor

Tobacco Multi lane Converging 700 Individual per minute collating and conveying multipacks

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