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Stretchbanding and Sleeverwrappers

An alternative to collating products with an Overwrapping machine is to use a stretchbander. This system wraps using low cost polyethylene film and uses two reels of film to form a web through which the product passes. Unlike an overwrapper, the ends of the wrap are left open. One advantage of this is that less tooling is required when the product size changes and size changeovers take 5 minutes or less.

After the product has been collated it is positively transferred through the film web. The film is stretched tight around the product and is then heat sealed. The resultant band is strong enough to hold the collation together and enables a dramatic reduction in the use of Packaging material if the collation is being formed solely for transit purposes.

PSB300 stretchbander
PSB300 stretchbander

Tucking and Sealing

If a film width wider than the product is used then the extra film is "shrunk" by either a heat tunnel or heat gun system. If a fully enclosed wrap is required then this is possible using a tucking and sealing system.

Marden Edwards stretchbanders are available in film width versions of 300, 600 and 1000mm. The feeding orientation can either be in-line or from either side. The construction is extremely rigid which makes the machine at home in the toughest of environments.

PSB1000 stretchbander
PSB1000 stretchbander with hot air guns to fully enclose the wrap

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