ABS Banding Machinery

Banding machinery solutions for reduced packaging in BOPP or paper

Marden Edwards manufacture automation systems featuring a large range of banding machine types. The range incorporates diverse product handling and utilises a banding head that can operate with either BOPP or paper material.

The band widths can range from 29mm to 150mm. The number of banding heads depends on the running rate of the production line - a single bander can operate in automatic mode at a rate of 20 per minute. In addition to the three core models, we offer customer tailored solutions to suit all our client requirements.

ABS Series 1 Banding Machine
ABS Series 1 Banding Machine
Heat Sealable Banding Unit
Heat Sealable Banding Unit
Banded Cartons in Both Heat Sealable Paper & BOPP Polypropylene
Banded Cartons in Both Heat Sealable Paper & BOPP Polypropylene

The need for eco-effective packaging systems has come to the forefront for individual and collating packaging

recycle reduced
recycle recyclable

The Marden Edwards banding machine range meets this demand providing solutions to facilitate a range of markets.

Banding machine range

ABS Series 1

Based on cartons and banding into groups. Two banders featuring paper or BOPP.

ABS Series 2

Preferred for the paper, print and card industry. Featuring a feeder and two banding heads for cross banding in paper or BOPP.

ABS Series 3

Incorporates a pick and place vacuum head for various product types, cartons, bags etc. Creating single or multi-layer bundles.

Marden Edwards manufactures a range of automated banding systems for use within the production area. For more information on how Marden Edwards can assist with your banding and packing solution, you can contact us on 1-888-972-7634, or via our contact form.

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