MES-700 series shrinkwrapping machine

Shrinkwrapping Machinery

At Marden Edwards, we have a separate division called ‘Marden Edwards Shrinkwrap’ which is solely dedicated to shrinkwrap machinery in the UK. Our range comprises of entry-level manual machinery, through to high-speed sophisticated equipment, enabling Point of Sale & Distribution multi packing solutions.

ME Shrinkwrap also supplies wrapping film, thereby ensuring that film and machine are well-matched. 

L-Sealer with Heat Tunnel
Combination Sleeve Sealer
Semi Automatic Shrinkwrapper

We offer a complete range of shrinkwrapping machine systems: 

  • Shrink Chamber machines
  • L-sealers
  • Side sealers
  • Sleeve Wrapper and Sleeve Sealer machines
  • Heat shrink tunnels
  • Fully automatic turnkey solutions
  • Consumables - shrinkwrap materials

To find out more visit our dedicated Marden Edwards Shrinkwrap (ME Shrinkwrap) website

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