Custom Packaging Machinery

Using our 50 plus years of experience in the design and manufacture of packaging machinery enables us to offer a bespoke service to supply custom machinery for wrapping applications outside our standard machinery range. 

Custom Packaging Machine USB
Custom Packaging Machine
5th Panel Collator

Working closely with our customers to define, specify and understand requirements, we can use our on-site 3D CAD solid modelling packages and fully equipped manufacturing facility to bring engineering ideas into reality.

  • Inline buffer storage system
  • Rotary collating, banding and wrapping system
  • Product labelling with Track and Trace solutions
  • Collating machinery

Custom designed product packaging machinery

"Buy one get one free" offers in the pharmaceutical and paper industries has led Marden Edwards to design custom machines for the versatile feeding, loading and wrapping of dissimilar shaped products. Often product is accepted from more than one source before being collated and overwrapped.

In the Cosmetic and Perfumes industry the desire for product differentiation through custom packaging has led to unique pack designs. For example, Marden Edwards has supplied custom designed attachments to overwrap rhomboid shaped packs on existing machines.

Other custom designs have included food packaging machinery for cakes and nougat bars, paper products loosely wrapped with paper and sealed by a label, and irregularly shaped products sitting on a cardboard U card. Marden Edwards invites you to tell us about your custom packaging machinery requirements so that we can help you find a solution.

Bespoke packaging machines

When an inquiry is received for a completely new style of packaging machine, either for wrapping or another packaging application, Marden Edwards engineers have the expertise to design a completely new piece of bespoke machinery suitable for the task.

With over 50 years of design and manufacturing experience, Marden Edwards is able to produce bespoke machinery for almost any application. Via our own design team and in conjunction with our trusted partners, bespoke packaging machines can be produced that are either incorporated into a turnkey wrapping solution or are simply supplied as stand alone pieces of equipment.

Our range of bespoke packaging machinery have included: in-line buffer storage systems, random feed bank note collating and banding equipment, and casepacking and waste product reclamation machinery.

Please contact us to further discuss. 

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