Evo-Fold Clearly Better for Lens Wrapping

Post date: 07 July 2007

Rayner lenses

Intraocular lenses used in eye surgery are the latest in a line of surgical items now benefiting from the protection and convenience afforded by overwrapping, following the installation of a Marden Edwards overwrapper by lens manufacturer Rayner.

Traditionally these lenses have been packed into a carton and distributed to the surgeon for use in the operating theatre. However, the increasing demand for tamper evidence and proof of integrity led Rayner to take the decision to wrap the boxes in of lenses in plastic film at the point of production. 

For several reasons overwrap was selected as the preferred method of wrapping. For one thing there is little heat used in the wrapping process, reducing the risk of any heat damage to the acrylic lens inside the carton. In addition, the wrap retains a near hermetic seal until the moment of opening and it is possible to incorporate a tear strip with extended tab, enabling the cartons to be opened easily and quickly in the operating theatre.

evo fold overwrapping machine

The machine chosen by Rayner has been newly introduced by Marden Edwards this year and is a cost effective entry level overwrapping machine that bridges the gap between basic shrinkwrapping systems and high speed overwrappers. It is simple to use and provides a high quality wrap over a wide range of carton sizes.

Other surgical products overwrapped using Marden Edwards machinery include scalpels, syringes, hip replacement joints, colostomy bags, and sutures all of which benefit from the integrity and ease of opening that overwrapping provides. 

Tony O'Connor at Rayner says, 'We researched the market for overwrapping machines and made contact with a number of suppliers. The price and performance of the Marden Edwards met our budgetary needs and meant that we could purchase a new machine with a full guarantee instead of having to settle for a second hand system'.

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