Marden Edwards Group at Total 2007

Post date: 30 March 2007

Amongst the machines on the Marden Edwards stand at this year's Total will be two individual pack overwrappers, including the new Evo-Fold low cost overwrapper and a high speed W200s, plus a B125LH8 collating overwrapper.

evo fold overwrapping machine

The Evo-Fold, which is being exhibited for the first time, is the latest development from Marden Edwards.

It has been designed specifically to appeal to customers who are new to overwrapping and are looking to improve the presentation of their products.

Using experience gained over the past 40 years, Marden Edwards has managed to produce a low cost, inexpensive but not cheap overwrapper offering fully automatic operation at speeds up to 45 packs a minute over a wide range of pack sizes, at an entry level price.

WR200S high speed overwrapper

The WR200s is a high speed overwrapping machine capable of running at speeds up to 150 packs a minute. It is a compact and robust unit featuring fast and simple size changes and is one of a range of high speed machines built in Marden Edwards' German factory, which also includes options capable of handling up to 300 packs a minute.

The B125LH8 is a compact overwrapping machine with an integral collation unit. The use of overwrapping as a method of collating and wrapping distribution and transit packs is increasing in popularity throughout industry as the drive to reduce costs, be able to use bio-degradable films and improve product quality continues and the B125LH8 is just one of a number of options offered by Marden Edwards which meets these needs.

As part of the Marden Edwards Group, Wraps UK is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of shrink wrapping equipment and film, and is able to provide shrink wrap solutions for many different industries. The three machines being shown at this year's Total exhibition provide an insight into the comprehensive range available.

There will be the W700-80 fully automatic L sealer and heat shrink tunnel, the Kallfass Universa 400 fully automatic side seal L sealer and the Paf Interpack Easy 700 semi automatic twin film reel sleeve wrapper.

The W700-80 is a well proven and established fully automatic L sealer, which this year is being shown for the first time in its latest form following a comprehensive redesign. This latest version now features a new perimeter guarding system providing easy access into the machine for adjustments to be made, plus a new touch screen control panel which provides a great deal more operator information.

Kalfass Universa shrink wrapper

As the UK distributor for Kallfass shrink wrapping equipment, Wraps UK will also be demonstrating the popular Universa fully automatic side sealing machine and tunnel. The side sealing system offers several advantages over conventional L bar sealing, including higher running speeds and the ability to handle a larger range of pack sizes.

Wraps UK also now represents Paf Interpack in Britain. This company manufactures fully and semi automatic sleeve wrappers as well as tray erecting and loading machines and from this range the TF700 semi automatic shrink wrapper with integrated heat shrink tunnel will be on show.

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