Propak South Africa, Marden Edwards and Pakmati Overwrap Ahead of the Game

Post date: 09 September 2009

Propak South Africa exhibition runs from 20-23 October 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Marden Edwards will showcase our Evo-fold overwrapper.

In co-operation with Pakmatic the Evo-fold will demonstrate the overwrapping of cartoned game or playing cards at 40 per minute with the facility of added tear tape to easily open the pack.

Fournier product packagingOverwrapping is the benchmark standard in film wrapping technology for a big range of cartoned or flat-sided products. It offers tamper evidence, but with easy open options like tear-strip, as well as other kinds of integrity proofing.

But it wins over other wrapping formats with its deluxe presentation for cosmetics, confectionery, tea, tobacco and a host of other food and non-food items. Add the reduced contact with the product thru gentle handling, plus taking the heat out of the wrapping process, and over-wrap is miles in front!

The latest machine from Marden Edwards, specialists in over-wrapping for over 45 years, is the Evo-Fold. It has introduced the technology to a whole range of new clients who had previously considered these machines out of their reach.

By using its experience in the design and build of generations of over-wrappers Marden Edwards have introduced an ‘entry level’ machine which is affordable for first time buyers but can perform at to a higher specification than many more costly machines on the market, appealing to existing users.

Evo-Fold bridges the gap between basic shrink-wrap and high speed over-wrappers. It is engineered without compromise, using 3D CAD and the most cost effective manufacturing processes. Evo-Fold takes advantage of advances in component technology and environmental design to produce a machine which is simple to operate, easily integrated into existing lines or can be freestanding, with a small footprint and offering outstanding reliability with a great ROI window.

A print registration option to decorate and brand your product is another benefit.

The Evo-Fold is already installed in several leading suppliers of teas, confectionery and cosmetics, worldwide. Seeing it for the first time on demonstration at an exhibition one customer commented, “I was impressed by the improved specification and the price. In particular we liked the new guarding which enables total visibility during packing. We had looked at other suppliers and tested other machines, but the demonstration of the Evo-Fold convinced me this was the perfect machine for our needs.”

The EVO-Fold is a low cost fully automatic single pack overwrapper

  • High quality overwrap designed to meet the needs of the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, confectionery, tea and tobacco industries
  • Gripper film transport system suitable for all film types, enabling the use of low cost thin films as well as high quality, thicker gauges
  • Large pack size range capability as standard, up to 300mm long, 205mm wide and 125mm high
  • High machine running speed
  • Robust construction suitable for continuous production
  • Full length, clear guarding to assist with the visibility of the wrapping process
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Small footprint, compact design with cantilevered film spindle for easy film load


  • Internal Tear Tape system which applies the tear tape to the film as the machine is running
  • Shaped end seal pads for spot (cosmetic) end seals and line seal for lateral seal

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