Flexible Cigarette Bundle Overwrapping for UK Customer

Post date: 11 March 2008

A major UK logistics company has recently purchased and installed another Marden Edwards B125LH8 collator overwrapper.

It is becoming more common for logistics companies to act as contract packers for tobacco brand owners for small run and promotional batches. Rather than disrupt high speed production lines in the main manufacturing plant, companies can contract out the packaging of different pack formats.

Because it is not possible to predict the variety of formats that might be required, it was very important for the logistics company to purchase a machine that can package many different formats of pack. The B125LH8 collator wrapper is capable of producing anything from a two pack sales unit of cigarettes up to a 5 wide x 4 high 400's distribution pack.

The B125LH8 can be equipped with a print registration system, as seen in the video. This allows expensive carton outers to be replaced with printed, opaque film which provides an excellent presentation and a much reduced cost. This concept is further discussed in the Reducing the cost of cigarette packing article. Marden Edwards produces a complete range of overwrappers for the tobacco industry ranging from medium speed individual pack wrappers up to high speed collating and wrapping systems.

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