High Speed Over Wrapping of Condom Packs

Post date: 16 August 2007

A large international condom manufacturer has recently taken delivery of a new WR200s fully automatic high speed over wrapper for its factory in Thailand.

Film overwrapping of condom packs is essential to promote the integrity of the product inside. It shows that there has been no tampering of the product since it left the factory and that the contents are secure. Tear tape is used to ensure that wrap is easy to remove.

The customer, already the owner of a Marden Edwards B25FF overwrapping machine, contacted their local agent Clearpack when they had the need for extra capacity. A number of different speed and price options were discussed before the 140 per minute WR200s machine was chosen.

The WR200s is manufactured in Marden Edwards' factory in Germany, near Hanover. The design was newly introduced in 2005 and launched at the Interpack exhibition. The WR200s is a development of the existing WR200 high speed turret wrapper. This has dramatically reduced the size and the cost of the machine.

The WR200s is available as a side feed or front feed packaging machine. For this application, a side feed machine was supplied. The film cutting system consists of a rotary knife whilst the film is positively transported using grippers. The wrapping turret itself contains six stations and enables underfold, side folding and lateral sealing all to take place at the same time. The lateral seal is on the trailing edge of the pack.

Speed of changeover for a three dimensional size change is less than 30 minutes and all adjustments are controlled via a hand wheel with analogue indicators. The machine is of an extremely robust construction and means that continuous 7 days per week production can be achieved at line speeds up to 150 wraps per minute. Tear tape and print registration are typical options.

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