Internal Shrink Tightener is a neat fit

Post date: 25 October 2006

Marden Edwards Limited, the UK based manufacturer of overwrapping and shrinkwrapping systems, has recently supplied its first overwrapper to incorporate an integrated shrink tightening system fitted within the frame of the machine.

Marden Edwards developed the ST100 Shrink Tightener to enable the wrap on uniform products such as cartons to be tightened using a controlled amount of heat, applied to the finished wrap using heated belts. The system is ideal for cigarette producers who are looking for improved wrap quality and enhanced shelf appeal and now insist on a skin tight overwrap. Although a traditional overwrap is tight, any slight variation in the size of the outer box can lead to small "stress" lines at the edges of the wrap. The ST100 offers the ideal solution as it not only draws the film very tightly around the pack but leaves the tear tape straight, still allowing the wrap to be easily removed.

integrated shrink tightener ST100

The external unit, already in use by a number of manufacturers, has the advantage of being portable, enabling it to be connected to any existing machine and easily integrated into the production line. However, where space is at a premium it is not always possible find room to mount the unit and Marden Edwards decided to look at ways of providing a system offering the same finish quality without taking up extra space.

The result is a completely new design which integrates into the frame of the machine, without increasing overall machine size. This has proved possible due to the versatility and adaptability of the Marden Edwards overwrapping system. Extra space has been "found" within the machine by reducing the length of the folders. The carton itself is overwrapped and sealed in the normal way, before side belts transport the cartons to a vertical heat sealing plate which shrinks the top and bottom faces of the carton. The belts then drive the finished packs out of the machine.

All product and human safety features are built into the system. For example, if the machine stops running with a carton in the heat shrinking zone, the heated plates automatically retract far enough away so as not to transfer heat to the carton. The unit is fully adjustable enabling all settings to be changed during production as well rapidly changing from one size to another.

The new Internal Shrink Tightener can be specified on new machines and it is also possible to retrofit the unit to some models of Marden Edwards overwrapper, although this will require the machine to be returned to the Marden Edwards factory for the work to be undertaken.

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