Very Large Confectionery Chocolate Box Wrapping

Post date: 21 February 2008

Wiebold Confectionery Box

Marden Edwards has recently manufactured a large format S4B225FF overwrapping machine for wrapping very large cartons of chocolate selections. The largest box being overwrapped is 460mm long and 320mm wide whilst the smallest carton that the machine is wrapping is only 100mm long and 100mm wide.

Although the size range being wrapped is very large, the time taken to change over from one size to another is still extremely rapid. Utilising the same tooling for a number of sizes means that once the size change has taken place the machine is ready for production.

When wrapping very large boxes the cost saving achieved by using polypropylene overwrapping film compared to polyolefin shrink wrap can be dramatic. Because the polypropylene wrapping film does not have a shrink property, the cost of the film is much less than polyolefin. In addition, no high energy consuming heat shrinking tunnel is required and the overwrap provides better protection against aroma and bacteria transfer than traditional shrink wrap.

The BX225FF is one of a range of Marden Edwards large format overwrappers, designed to wrap individual and transit collations of packs in polypropylene, cellophane, polyethylene and paper. It is designed to be suitable for frequent size changes and it's in-line feed enables it to easily be slotted into to automatic production lines.

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