Major Belgian chocolate manufacturer chooses Marden Edwards overwrappers again

Post date: 01 August 2008

Pralibel NV, a major manufacturer of artisan Belgian chocolates, has just purchased its second Marden Edwards overwrapper.Pralibel NV ovewrapped products
Pralibel, who are located in the town of Vichte in Belgium, was formed in 1995 and was recognised as the fastest growing food business in Belgium in 2005. They produce a range of high quality chocolates under both their own name and the Fair Trade label.

The overwrappers are used to wrap the boxes of chocolates in paper, as opposed to heat sealable film. The wrapped pack then has a bow tied around it together with a card tag, making it an ideal gift. The paper itself is printed with a random pattern, or is simply left plain. A self adhesive layer is applied to the paper during the converting process. The glue is activated through the light use of heat and pressure during the wrapping process.

If required the Marden Edwards machines can wrap just as easily in film. Product wrapping with paper is becoming an increasingly popular option. - not only does it turn any product into a gift, it is also bio-degradable and serves to protect the product inside.

Mr. Paul Sulmon of Pralibel said, 'We are very happy with the Marden Edwards equipment flexibility means that we can easily wrap many different sizes and the quality of the wrap complements the high quality of our products'.  Marden Edwards is represented in Belgium by Bipack.

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