Marden Edwards Supplies DVD Overwrapper to Major DVD Manufacturer

Post date: 11 February 2008

TM100FF Overwrapping Machine

Marden Edwards has recently supplied a new TM100 fully automatic overwrapping machine to a major manufacturer and distributor of pre-recorded DVDs in France. The machine was purchased for the re-wrapping of DVDs that have been returned from retailers. The machine therefore needed to be able to wrap individual DVDs as well as multi packs of up to five high.

Machine versatility and rapid changeover were important considerations for machine selection. The TM100 is a combination servo motor and mechanical machine, with three separate motors used for machine running. The main motor drive controls the closely linked mechanisms whilst one servo motor controls the film metering and another controls the product feed through the machine.

When the machine is changed from one size to another, the automatic film metering determines the correct length of film and the pack feeding system automatically sets itself for the new pack transfer length. All other physical settings are adjusted by wind handles meaning that a full three dimensional product change takes less than 10 minutes.

Options include a tear tape depositing system, a print registration system and cellophane or polypropylene in-line film slitting device. This means that the film width can be cut to size as the machine is running, greatly reducing the number of film widths needing to be held in stock.

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