Marden Edwards New Look and Updates for Blog

Post date: 12 November 2009

In keeping with current trends on the internet and feeling it was time to update our blog to a new look and feel. We are now pleased to announce the new blog design. We will be updating our blog more frequently and the journal now has the ability for better image and video handling.

The Internet has come a long way since the early days when we migrated online and started blogging. Today we run the full Marden Edwards blog here, and we are now utilizing Twitter for general updates on the packaging industry. With this we have a profile and blog at myJournal.

In a few weeks our main company website for Marden Edwards will also have a new look and feel. The website will be more interactive and also feature not only our bespoke packaging and overwrapping services but will have video features and a full glossary that will outline and summarize the various markets, machines, and machinery terms that we use on our industry.

In the meantime to follow us, see the Marden Edwards Twitter. Our profile is here Marden Edwards at myJournal, and our main multi-language website is here Marden Edwards Ltd.

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