Overwrap Provides Strength for Open Top Tray of Bubble Gum

Post date: 02 February 2007

Marden Edwards has recently supplied a B100FF fully automatic over wrapping machine to a major confectionery company in Nigeria.

open top tray of bubble gum

The product that is being wrapped is a distribution pack of individual, twist wrapped pieces of bubblegum. Each carton contains ninety pieces of bubblegum which are sold individually from the shop. The use of an open top carton enables clear visibility of the product inside. The machine was set to wrap at forty cartons per minute.

B100FF overwrapping machine

Keeping the cost of packaging as low as possible was very important to the customer. The use of overwrapping enables a cheap, very thin walled, open top crashlock carton to be used. Without the overwrap the carton hardly has enough stability to hold the product and keep a rectangular shape. However, with the polypropylene overwrap the carton is tightly held and maintains its rectangular shape.

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