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Post date: 06 June 2007

The growth of the market for home use hair dye has over the last twenty years has seen a dramatic explosion in the range of products provided as well as the colours available. In fact, the total market for hair dye in Europe alone was worth 2.6 billion in 2004 with 60% of women and 5% of men colouring their hair.

The three major home hair dye suppliers, L'Oreal, Clairol and Schwarzkopf all produce their products contained within a similarly sized, high quality card carton. The contents of the carton typically contain the hair dye, an application bottle, protective gloves and conditioner.

Clairol Hair Dye Packaging

Overwrapping hair dye cartons performs two functions, and with Marden Edwards machinery it is possible to accomplish both on the same machine. In some markets it is customary to overwrap the individual carton. Because hair dye is part of the cosmetics industry, the overwrap style of wrapping projects the same high quality feel as if the product were pefume. It also acts as an excellent method of tamper evidence. This is important as it can be an easy task to remove the valuable dye from the unwrapped carton whilst in the shop.

The typical individual store sales unit is a 3 pack of the same shade or colour. The overwrapper must therefore also wrap a triple pack of the hair dye cartons. Again, since the product is part of the cosmetics industry the high quality of the overwrap projects a high quality product. Overwrapping is also economic as it uses Polypropylene film which is lower cost that the equivalent Polyolefin shrink film. In addition, overwrapping uses very small amounts of heat to seal the film which ensures there is no product damage during the packaging process.

Marden Edwards has had twenty years experience of supplying overwrapping machinery to the hair dye industry, in Europe, North America and the Far East. Its extensive range of overwrappers means that all required line speeds can be catered for and the machines in built flexibility means that triple packs, as well as singles, can be wrapped on the same machine.

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