Marden Edwards produces another playing card over wrapper for Ziegler & Herzinger

Post date: 29 March 2007

Zeigler Herzinger machinery

Marden Edwards has recently despatched another playing card overwrap machine to German original equipment manufacturer Ziegler & Herzinger. Ziegler & Herzinger manufacture the Mirus playing and game card slitting, collating and round cornering system.

Marden Edwards has been producing playing card overwrapping machines for more than twenty years. The LX60 machine supplied to Ziegler & Herzinger has been specially designed to be built into the Mirus round cornering machine to provide a fully integrated card slitting, round cornering and individual pack wrapping system.

A paddle style square motion conveyor is used to transport the loose stacks of playing cards into the wrapping machine from the round cornering system. Due to the layout of the Mirus system the overwrapper is fed from the side. For other playing card applications, both hand and automatically fed, a front feed conveyor option is available.

The conveyor is mechanically synchronised with the wrapping machine enabling the LX60 to run at speeds up to 60 packs per minute. Other playing card wrapping machines in the Marden Edwards range are capable of running at speeds of up to 140 wraps per minute.

Playing card wrapping is just one of a number of paper and board products which can be wrapped on Marden Edwards machines. Reams of paper, sticky memo pads, carton blanks, postage stamps and envelopes are all paper and board products wrapped on Marden Edwards equipment.

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