Long Established Russian Confectionery Manufacturer Purchases Overwrapper

Post date: 04 June 2008

S5BX100FF overwrapper

Marden Edwards has recently supplied one of Russia's oldest established manufacturers of confectionery products with a new BX100FF over wrapping machine. The BX100FF wraps the chocolate boxes at a rate of 50 wraps per minute.
Overwrapping is ideally suited to the wrapping of chocolate assortment boxes. It extends the shelf life of the product by providing a near hermetic seal and unlike shrinkwrapping there is no need to perforate the film to allow the film shrinking to take place. The overwrap also protects the product from damage or being tampered with once it has left the factory.
Overwrapping only uses a small amount of heat to seal the film which has the dual benefits of protecting the product from damage and reducing the energy costs associated with the wrapping process.
If a skin tight finish is required, then the optional Marden Edwards shrink tidying system can be added after the machine. The shrink tightener uses moving heated top and bottom belts in contact with the wrapped box to produce a skin tight finish. The resulting pack has no film wrinkles and the tear tape, if fitted, is still perfectly aligned around the pack. The shrink tidyer has applications across many industries, including tea and tobacco packaging. As well as being available as a stand alone unit, the shrink tightener can also be integrated into the overwrapping machine.
Marden Edwards is represented in Russia by ECI Ltd., who have a wide range of expertise within the packaging machinery industry.

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