Shrink Wrap or Overwrap, What's the Difference

Post date: 21 November 2014

Hello packaging people! Todays conundrum: Shall it be Shrink wrap, shall it be Overwrap. What's the difference I hear you ask..... Shrink uses Polyolefin and Overwrap uses Polypropylene.

Shrink, typically l-sealers, uses a centre-folded PO film that has the product placed inside and sealed using a machine with an l-shaped sealer to create a bag, the bag is then shrunk using a heat tunnel.Various shapes and sizes of product can be accommodated, even alternative sizes one after the other.

shrinkwrap vs overwrap

Overwrap uses BOPP film that is pre-cut to the correct width for the product. The machine is then set to pull and cut the film to the correct length. This provides a very accurate finish to the wrap. The ends of the film are tucked and folded using pack specific tooling to create the diamond shaped envelope end folds that discerning customers require.

Both wrapping styles can be used for individual pack wrapping or multi-pack collations. And that's what we can do here at Marden Edwards... we cover all bases! Find out more about our packaging solutions on the Marden Edwards website.

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