To tear tape or not to tear tape?

Post date: 25 February 2013

Tear tape has long been a feature on Marden Edwards overwrapping machinery. The question raised on many occasions is - Why is it necessary to have tear tape facility on my product? Well here is why.

Marketing opportunities - Product competition is fierce, in consumer good markets. The need to offer product differentiation and shelf impact is more important than ever before. The addition of tear tape enables further opportunities to communicate your brand and offer a design that differentiates from the carton to enhance product shelf appeal.

tear tape

Tamper evidence - As a consumer, when looking to purchase a product, there are many levels of decision making you go through before finally deciding to purchase, one being ‘Evaluation of alternatives’. One of the key factors when evaluating your options is product protection, this is more evident in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic based products. Tear tape gives the consumer peace of mind that the product is not counterfeit and/or has not been tampered with in any way.

Improved product access for the consumer

Easy to open - To many of us the thought of opening a cellophane wrapped product is not a problem, but to some this can be a challenge. This is expressed in an article by Clare Dumbreck – ‘Packaging, arthritis and me – why brands should improve product openability’ where it is expressed that many products do not help those with certain medical conditions like arthritis. The addition of a tear tape strip to your product immediately opens the door to all consumers who may have certain difficulties with opening tightly wrapped products.

As you can see tear tape offers substantial benefits to both the manufacturer and consumer by allowing further opportunities to advertise, enhance product appeal, whilst offering customer peace of mind and ease of access to your product. If you would like to find out more about tear tape application and how it can enhance your product contact Payne, a global provider of packaging products that deliver the benefits of easy opening facilities.

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