Higher Perfume Packs Now Possible for Overwrapping

Post date: 09 August 2007

TM100RH Overwrapper

Marden Edwards has just delivered another of i'ts new range of trailing edge overwrappers to a French customer wrapping perfume cartons.The TM100 range of machines has been available for nine months and has been suitable for products with a height up to 100mm.The TM120 is a development of the original TM100 and now has the ability to overwrap products up to 120mm in height.

The new TM120 overwrapping machine is designed to provide an extremely high quality of wrap with all parameters relating to seal positioning being under the operator control. Change over from one size to another takes less than 10 minutes and is assisted by the servo motors which meter the film and control the infeed pusher. This enables the machine timing to be optimised for any given pack size resulting in highly efficient running.

The machine sold featured two options which are popular for the perfume and fragrance industry. The built in film slitter, which enables one size of film roll to be used for many different pack sizes, automatically winds the waste material onto a separate reel allowing for easy changeover between sizes. In addition, an individual pack separation system is used to transport the box through the folding sequence. This assists in keeping the box square and accurately positions the dot end seals.

The TM120 has the ability to wrap with both polypropylene as well as cellophane and the new biodegradable films made from cornstarch. The TM range of machines is ably supported in France by Involtec who are dedicated to supporting all wrapping machines operating in the cosmetics, fragrances and perfumes industries.

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