Marden Edwards launches new low cost overwrapper

Post date: 10 November 2006

Marden Edwards, one of the world's major suppliers of overwrapping machinery, has just launched a brand new overwrapper - the Evo-Fold.

evo fold overwrapping machine

Overwrapping machinery has traditionally been considered expensive when compared to automatic shrinkwrapping. This is not the case. The price of the Evo is actually less than many automatic shrinkwrappers capable of wrapping products at speeds greater than 40 packs per minute. In addition, BOPP overwrapping film is less expensive and less wasteful than the shrink equivalent and overwrapping consumes much less energy than power hungry shrink tunnels.

Designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK, the Evo-Fold is a finely honed design resulting from over 8,000 overwrappers having been installed in over 150 countries worldwide. As with all Marden Edwards overwrappers the Evo-Fold is capable of a wide product size range and the quality of the wrap is consistently high.

Mike Patey, Marden Edwards Sales Director, said, "With the Evo-Fold Marden Edwards can now provide its customers with a brand new, fully guaranteed machine at a price which is less than a re-conditioned, second hand model. For customers just embarking with overwrapping or for those who only have certain contracts to overwrap the Evo-Fold provides an affordable, efficient and compact solution".

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